2022 PMO Manager Salary: Average $218K in USA

PMO Managers, Directors or Project Management Officers are responsible for the leadership of project delivery departments within organizations. PMO Managers are responsible for leading Project Managers and ensuring successful project delivery. PMO manager salaries are affected by many factors, including industry, organization, experience, and the skills of the PMO executive. We have detailed the PMO manager salary.
The average salary for a PMO Manager is $218,000 in the US.
The salaries of PMO Managers in the IT, Pharma and Defense industries are higher than those in other industries.
The salary of a PMO manager can be affected by many factors, including years of experience, success stories, organizational urgency, and other factors.

Let’s now look at the factors that affect PMO Manager Salary.
Salary for PMO Manager
The problem with salary is that as seniority levels increase, the salary and compensation can vary depending on the industry and company. The same applies to PMO Directors. The average salary for Project Management Officers in the United States is $218,000. However, the range is typically between $193,000 to $248,500.
Source: Salary.comSalary ranges vary depending on many factors. These factors include education, certifications, and years of experience in your field. If a PMO manager/executive has extensive experience in fighting against project cost overruns or delays at enterprise-level, this will impact the PMO manager salary. These will be discussed one-by-one.
Salary for PMO Managers by Industry
The average salary for a PMO manager in certain industries like IT, Defense and Pharma is higher than the rest. The PMO manager job in Finance offers a staggering salary of up to $229,000 to the manager. This is a significant salary that a PMO manager can earn on this job. The salaries of PMO managers in IT industries are also very high. Research has shown that the PMO manager in IT industries can earn as much as $204,000.
The PMO manager at Pharmaceutical companies can earn up to $194,000. Even though the projects of food production companies are not very technical or important, their salaries are very high. A PMO manager in a food production company can easily get a job with a salary of up to $200,000. For a PMO manager, the defense sector is another high-paying industry. The PMO manager can earn up to $196,000 per year in the Defense sector.
These are just a few of the high-paying industries for PMO managers. There are many other industries where a PMO manager could earn a similar salary. PMO managers are in high demand due to the increased need for project management offices and PMO managers. PMO managers have a lot of responsibilities. They are responsible for ensuring the success of projects and avoiding any friction. Because of the critical roles that PMO managers play, their salaries are higher than those in other project roles.
Other Factors that Affect PMO Salary by Industry
Studies have also shown that PMO managers who work on high-end projects, often exceeding $10 million, earn a staggering 40% higher salary than the median salary. These salary figures are expected to continue growing over the years. As project managers are in greater demand, so are the salaries.
Sometimes, organizations also seek a PMO manager to serve as a consultant role. As a consultant PMO Manager, you might be responsible for setting up project management policies and processes for your project team. Or, you may dir