2022 PMP 35 Contact Hours Online Training Requirement – 100% Important

If you are interested in pursuing the Project Management Professional (or PMP) certification offered by Project Management Institute, it is important to be familiar with all the PMP prerequisites before you can sit for the exam. The exam requires you to meet three components. Two of these are variable, and one is “PMP35 contact hours”. Each component must be documented in detail before the exam can be approved.
These three components are:
Education Background
Experience in Project Management
Project Management Education

This blog post will focus on the third component, PMP 35 contact hour. This is a formal education in project management. To be eligible for the PMP exam, a candidate must have completed thirty-five (35) hours of formal education in project management.
PMP 35 Contact Hours Training Requirement
Let’s review the two components that make up the PMP exam.
A secondary degree (high school diploma, equivalent or associate’s degree) and at least five years (sixty-months) of unique and unoverlapping professional experience in project management discipline.
A four-year bachelor’s degree is required. You must also have at least three years (thirty six months) of relevant and non-overlapping experience in project management.
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After achieving one of the above requirements, the candidate must then take part in a course of formal education in project management that has no less than thirty-five hours of actual instruction. PMP 35 hours of actual instruction. Remember that the training you receive must relate to the specific job that a project manager does. It cannot be documented as relevant training if it isn’t related.
You don’t have to complete the PMP 35 contact hours training in one go. It can be accumulated over time. This means that any training you have received in the past does not expire and can be used as you work towards the thirty-five hour requirement. A “contact hour” refers to an actual hour of formal instruction or training.

Contact Hours Training Content
Make sure that the PMP 35 contact hour training covers all knowledge areas related to project management and the associated processes.
Integration Management
Develop Project Charter
Create a Project Management Plan
Direct and manage project work
Manage Project Knowledge
Monitor and Control Project Work
Perform Integrated Change Control
Phase or Close Project

Scope Management
Plan Scope Management
Collect Requirements
Scope Definition
Create a WBS
Validate Scope
Control Scope

Schedule Management
Plan Schedule Management
Define activities
Sequence Activities
Estimate the Activity Durations
Create schedules
Control Schedule

Cost Management
Plan Cost Management
Estimate Costs
Set a budget
Control costs

Quality Management
Plan Quality Management
Quality Management
Quality Control

Resource Management
Plan Resource Management
Estimate Activity Resources
Acquire Resources
Develop a Team
Manage your team
Control Resources

Communications Management
Plan Communications Management
Manage Communications
Monitor Communications

Risk Management
Plan Risk Management
Identify the Risks
Qualitative Analysis
Perform Quantitative Analysis
Plan Risk Responses
Implement Risk Responses
Monitor Risks

Procurement Management
Plan Procurement Management
Conduct Procurements
Control Procurements

Management of Stakeholders
Identify stakeholders
Plan Stakeholder Management
Manage stakeholder engagement
Monitor stakeholder engagement

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