7 Simple Strategies to Be More Creative at Work

Guest post by Dmitri L. Leonov, SaneBox’s VP of Growth. It’s important to exercise creativity, just like any muscle. According to the World Economic Forum creativity is linked to 9 of the top 10 essential skills for 2020 and beyond. Some people are naturally creative while others need to practice it regularly. No matter where you are on your creative journey, these are quick and easy ways that you can break out of your routine to get creative juices flowing. You can create new approaches and inspire coworkers with your innovative ideas. Get out of the office
It doesn’t matter if you work at home or in an office. It is important to get out of your chair and walk around the neighborhood. Even if you only walk around the block, take the time to notice what’s around you. You can make it a game and go on an “inspiration hunt”. For example, you might look for things that start with a particular letter or color. Your mind will begin to connect the dots between the things you see and the problems that you have left behind at work. This is the power of our subconscious. Get an Accountability Buddy
Innovation is rarely found in a vacuum. Ask a friend or colleague to hold you both accountable. Encourage them to try new things. This could be pitching a new idea at work, sharing new ways of working, or just brainstorming. It’s easier for you to achieve things when you have someone to support you. Cheat Sheet for Different Types of Teams
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You can make your workspace more inspiring by allowing you to personalize it. First, make sure it is tidy. Next, add anything that motivates you, such as photos, mood boards and candles, stationery, whiteboards and flowers. You can do this by working near a window or natural lighting source. Creatively, you’re at your best when you’re alert, well-rested and energized. Great lighting can help you get in the right flow state. If you don’t feel comfortable being in the same place every day, you can always move around and try something different. You can try coffee shops, coworking spaces, or parks. Brainstorm spontaneously
Sometimes your best ideas will come to you in unexpected ways or at random times. It’s always a great time to brainstorm and you should be prepared for when inspiration strikes. It is a good idea to have a notebook or whiteboard handy so you can jot down your ideas, regardless of how unfinished they may seem at the moment. Use the Notes app on your smartphone to quickly note down ideas while you are on the go. Lists don’t need to be organized or neat. They should be a display of your stream-of-consciousness that you can adapt and modify later. There is no right way to brainstorm. Take inspiration as it comes. Be open to adapting the process. Overhaul Existing Processes
When you are working on your creativity at work, take a look at the bigger picture. Is your team being as creative and innovative as possible? If not, consider ways to encourage more creativity in your team.