90-Day Trial, Time Tracking Enhancements and Uptime

March has been an amazing month for us and the entire world. The pandemic spread quickly and required us to change our work habits. We all began working remotely from home after the office was closed. It took us some time to adjust but we continued to work as usual.ActiveCollab is now available for free for all new users for 90 days
We’ll split the cost of each new user who is added to an existing account
All Self-Hosted users received an update with the latest features
Preparation of a new Projects form and new budgeting types
Personal Timesheet and online edit
Preparations for a new record adding form
Short downtime issues
Free for 90 days
We’ve already said it, so we won’t go into detail. We’ve extended the trial period to 14 to 90 days to help teams who suddenly need to work remotely. We hope that three months will be sufficient for everyone to adjust to the new situation. We hope that the storm will pass by then. Our existing customers are not forgotten. We’ll split the cost for each new member! This offer is valid while the pandemic is raging. Spring cleaning
ActiveCollab has officially declared spring to the Northern Hemisphere. We have been preparing the field to allow for some changes. We have made modifications to the Projects form. This will give us more options as we prepare for new budgeting types. We’ll also be changing our invoices. These modifications won’t affect your system without permission. These modifications won’t impact your system without permission!Notifications will also be enabled, alerting you if the budget is about to be spent.Time tracking enhancements
Time tracking has been greatly improved. In-line editing of time records, job types, and billable/non-billable status has been enabled, and we’re eager to hear your thoughts on it.We’re working on implementing the option to set time records by default as billable or not, on a project level. Members have one less worry! There is less room for errors. Let the Owners handle the default options and you can enter your time records without worrying about their billable-ness. Downtime
This section will be added to our monthly recaps starting in January. We want to be transparent about it. Our uptime record so far this year has been mostly perfect. In fact, January had 99.93% uptime and February saw no interruptions of service. March, however, was only 99.69%. This was due to an incident with our database cluster. Half of the cluster was made unavailable instantly due to network problems. The application was unable to access the cluster after it lost quorum. To restore operation, the team switched to a single server and began seeding a new cluster. We are rebuilding the cluster and distributing nodes to other networks to ensure that the cluster doesn’t lose quorum due to network issues.
Our Self-Hosted users received an update that included Profitability, Internal hourly rate and Timesheet. They will soon receive another update. All of this will make sense when we create new budgeting types, and allow default billable statuses. Keep safe! The Foundations of Agile Project Management
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