A Complete ITIL(r), Certification Guide

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ITIL was originally created in the UK in 1980 as a series of five books. It was created by The Cabinet Office, a commercial arm of British government (similar to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce). It is now used as an accreditation and certification program by IT professionals and businesses around the world.
AXELOS began rolling out a major revision to the current framework in 2019 with the release ITIL 4 Foundation exam. The ITIL 4 Foundation exam and three specialty modules will be completed by 2020. ITIL practitioners have the option to choose to obtain certification in either the ITIL 3 framework or the ITIL 4 framework. Axelos recommends candidates without ITIL certification to start with the ITIL 4 path.
ITIL uses a credit system in its certification process. Each ITIL certification comes along with a set number of credits. ITIL v3 requires 22 credits to pass the Expert level exam. The Practitioner exam will give you three credits and the Foundation exam will give you two credits. You can take the other certifications in any order.
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ITIL certification is a prerequisite for many IT professionals. The ITIL Foundation Certification is the foundation for any ITIL certification path. ITSM professionals can choose from many roles. ITSM careers range from service desk technician to IT operations managers.
ITIL is a business-oriented certification that focuses on IT professionals, rather than other certifications in technology. Although it won’t help you find an IP address’ subnet mask, it will teach you how to manage a variety of organizational issues.
ITIL has been under Axelos since 2013, a joint venture between Capita and the Cabinet Office of the UK government.
ITIL certification costs at each level will be of interest to potential test takers. ITIL Foundation Certification costs are generally the lowest and prices go up from there. ITIL v3 Certification costs are listed at $250 (USD), although the actual cost will vary depending on where you take it. Exams are typically offered after an ITIL course. Exams can be proctored online or in a classroom. Exam costs can vary depending on the country and region, as well as the training provider.
There are many ways to prepare for any IT certification. You may choose to study in a combination of online courses, classroom instruction, or self-study. Axelos recommends you read as much as possible, ask lots of questions, and make a lot notes. One interesting tip they offer is to use real-world examples for exam preparation. They write, “Don’t be afraid of asking how ITIL relates with your workplace experience.”
This guide will cover many topics related to ITIL certification. We will compare ITIL v.3 to ITIL V.4. We also help you understand the benefits of ITIL certifications for your career. We also discuss training options, such as those offered by SPOTO.
This certification guide contains the following:
ITIL Certification Guide
What is an ITIL certification?
ITILv3 Scheme vs ITILv4 Schem
ITILv3 Certifications
ITILv4 Certification