Amazon, Cisco and CompTIA: The Best Security Certifications to Consider for 2022

IT companies must be secure as it all depends on the security of the system they use. Companies must be able to face new and existing cyber threats with dignity in order to keep their system safe. Many organizations are trying to build reliable security teams that include certified professionals with the necessary skills. You can use security certificates to demonstrate your skills as a security specialist. We will be looking at three certifications that revolve around security: the CompTIA Security+, Cisco CCNP Security and Amazon AWS Certified Security-Specialty. Let’s take a closer glance at these highly sought-after options.
Amazon AWS Certified Security-SpecialtyThis certification focuses on securing data and workloads within AWS Cloud. It focuses on AWS data protection mechanisms as well as specialized data classifications. You must also be able to implement the Internet protocols and the AWS mechanisms for their security, as well as the data encryption methods. The certificate assesses applicants’ knowledge about security operations and risks, as well as AWS security features and services. It also measures the ability of specialists to make tradeoffs with regard to security cost, deployment complexity, and cost to meet specific application requirements. It includes information about security controls for workloads on AWS and logging and monitoring strategies. The content also includes details on security automation, patch management and disaster recovery controls, including backups and BCP, data retention and encryption, and how to enhance AWS security services using third-party tools.
You must pass the Amazon SCS-01 test to obtain this certification. It lasts 170 minutes and contains 65 questions, 50 of which are scored, and 15 unscored items. The multiple-response and multiple-choice formats are used. The passing score is 750 points, on a scale from 100-1000. The exam costs $300 and is available in Japanese and Korean. You can either take it online or at a testing centre.
Cisco CCNP SecurityThis certification covers general threats to on-premises and cloud environments, cryptography components functions and security intelligence authoring, consumption and sharing, as well as deployment models for network security solutions and architectures that provide intrusion prevention or firewall capabilities. It also measures the ability to implement management options for network security solutions, as well as implement access control policies, segmentation and malware protection, URL filtering, and implement access control policies. Additionally, you should be proficient in configuring AAA for device access and secure network management of infrastructure devices and perimeter security. The certificate focuses on configuring and verifying site to site Virtual Private Networks and remote access Virtual Private Networks, as well as configuring the network infrastructure security methods.
Students who wish to obtain this certification must pass one core exam (Cisco 350-701), and one of six concentration tests. The core exam takes 120 minutes and can be taken in Japanese or English for $400. Here is a list of qualifying tests:
300-710 SNCF;300-730 PVPN;300-730 SESA;300-730 SWSA;300-715 SISE. These concentration exams have different focus points, so professionals should investigate them to find the best option.