AWS Data Transfer Services

AWS Data Transfer Services
AWS offers a variety of data transfer services, including many methods to help you migrate your data more efficiently.
Data transfer services can be used online or offline. The usage is based on many factors such as the amount of data, frequency, bandwidth available, cost, and time.
Online data transfer and hybrid cloud storageAn internet link to the VPC allows you to transfer data to AWS, or to use S3 to store data in hybrid cloud storage with your existing on-premises apps.
It allows you to simultaneously lift and move large data sets once and also helps you integrate existing process flows such as backup and recovery or continuous data stream directly with cloud storage.
Online data transfer
Securely connect between AWS and data centers
It is easy to set up and it is very cost-effective.
Ideal for small data transfers and connectivity
Direct Connect is not reliable because it still uses a shared Internet connectionDirect Connect
Provides a dedicated physical connection to speed up network transfers between AWS and data centers
provides reliable data transfer
ideal for regular large data transfer
It takes time to set up
It is not an economical solution
VPN over Direct ConnectAWS Transfer Acceleration can be used to secure your data
Transfers to S3 via public Internet are now faster
It maximizes bandwidth, regardless of distance or weather conditions. There are no special clients nor proprietary network protocols. You can simply change the endpoint that you use with your S3 bucket to apply acceleration.
Ideal for recurring jobs that require you to travel around the world, such as media uploads and backups, or local data processing tasks that are sent to a central locationAWSDataSync
Automates data movement between on-premises storage, S3 or Elastic File System (Amazon EFS).
Many tasks that are related to data transfers can be automated. This includes running your own instances, handling encryption and managing scripts. Network optimization is also possible. Data integrity validation is also included.
Allows data to be transferred at speeds up 10 times faster than open source tools
Uses AWS Direct Connect or internet connections to AWS. It is ideal for one time data migrations, recurring processing workflows, data protection and recovery, and automated replication.
AWS Snowcone
AWS Snowcone is rugged, portable, and secure and provides edge computing and data transfer.
Snowcone can be used for data collection, processing, and movement to AWS. It can be used offline by shipping the device, or online with AWS DataSync.
AWS Snowcone securely stores data in edge locations and can run edge computing workloads using AWS IoT Greengrass and EC2 instances.
The Snowcone device is small and weighs 4.5 lbs. You can fit one in a backpack (or even a drone case) and it weighs in at 2.1 kg.
AWS Snowball is an edge computing and data migration device that can be used in both data migration and edge computing environments. It comes in two options: Compute OptimizedSnowball Edge Optimized devices offer 52 vCPUs, 42 Terabytes of block or object storage, and an option GPU for advanced machine learning and full motion video analysis in disconnected environments.
Storage Optimized.Snowball Edge Storage Optimized products provide 40 vCPUs with compute capacity and 80 terabytes usable block storage or S3-compatible object storage.
It is ideal for large-scale data transfer and local storage.
These two options can be used by customers for data collection, machine-learning and processing. They can also store it in environments with intermittent connectivity (such manufacturing, industrial, or transportation) or in extremely remote locations (such military or maritime operations).