AWS SDK Version 1.0 now Available C++ developers will finally be able to use the open-source software development kit (SDK), from Amazon Web Services Inc. (AWS), for production use, this week’s announcement by the cloud giant. After an experimental launch in September last year, the company launched a developer preview version of the AWS SDK C++. It’s now ready for real-world development. AWS spokesperson Jeff Barr posted Tuesday that version 1.0 of AWS SDK C++ was released after nearly a year of developer feedback. According to its GitHub site, the AWS SDK C++ provides a modern C++ interface for Amazon Web Services (AWS) (version C++ 11 and later). It is designed to be fast and fully functional with both low- and high level SDKs. It also minimizes dependencies and provides platform portability (Windows OSX, Linux and mobile). It supports Android and iOS development. It also supports CMake, an open-source build system generator. It also supports customizable memory management, which allows developers to create their own solutions to control how memory is allocated and dealt with. Its C++ library allows developers to integrate it with AWS services like Amazon S3, Amazon Kinesis, and Amazon DynamoDB. It will be regularly updated to keep up with the latest AWS API updates. Barr stated that semantic versioning will be used, so developers can rest assured that future versions won’t cause problems with their builds. Barr also provided the following information about recent changes to the SDK based on feedback from the developer preview:

  • Transfer Manager — The original TransferClient interface has been replaced by the improved TransferManager interface.
  • Build Process — The CMake build process has been improved to make it easier for platform defaults to be overridden.
  • Simplified Configuration – It is now easier for SDK-wide configuration options to be set at runtime. Encryption – The SDK now supports symmetric cryptography on all supported platforms.
  • Fixes — The 1.0 Codebase contains numerous bug fixes and improvements.

AWS announced that the SDK to C++ was now available via NuGet, a primary package management system for.NET developers. Barr stated that AWS will release more APIs of high-level to make C++ development on AWS more secure. He invited developers to provide feedback on the 1.0 SDK, file issues, or submit pull requests to improve it.