Bridge24 Software Review [2019]

Bridge24 offers advanced reporting and exporting capabilities for Asana and Trello, Basecamp, and AceProject. This review was done using Firefoxbrowser and my desktop in August 2019, using the Asana connector.
Bridge24 Overview
Name: Bridge24
Vendor: Websystems, Inc.
Hosting options: Onlineonly + You will need an Asana Trello, Basecamp, AceProject or Asana account. (AceProjectis also available as a Websystems, Inc product.
Cost and plans: The 7-day free trial is available. Pricing per user starts at $12 per monthly and decreases with more users. You can even get it cheaper if your payment is annually
Languages: English,French, Spanish.
What is Bridge24?
Asana, Trello and Basecamp are great tools. AceProject is another great tool. Why would you want to purchase an additional product?
Well, if you’ve used Asanaor Trello for project management, you’ll know that it’s not that easy to get “management”information out of those tools.
Bridge24 allows you to view all your products in one place. This is great!
Bridge24: Solving the Asana Export Problem
Bridge24 was tested with Asana.
You can find predefined filters in the left panel menu.
These allow you to quickly see the tasks you have been assigned. You can also click on tags and projects to see the data that you have categorised with tags, or specific to a project. You can also create your own filters.
Grid view is the default view in the main dashboard. This view is a simple spreadsheet-like listing of tasks. You can arrange the column headers in the order you prefer, sortorder the columns’ content, and add new columns. Clicking on the column header will allow you to group by columns. You can also add subgroups and save the results as different views.
It was far more flexible than Asana. To see the Asana task at any time, click on the task and select ‘open in Asana. You will be taken directly there.
Bridge24 Tasks
You can view a calendar view. Drag and drop the end date to modify Asana. You can edit any task by clicking on it from any view.
You can also add tasks directly from the calendar view. As you can see in the image below, clicking into any date will open the New Taskpane. You can then add details to the task and choose the project from the drop-down list.
Tasks can also include attachments, comments, custom fields, and subtasks.
Bridge24 Charts and Graphs
You’ll be aware that there are only a few options when you export Asanaexport from Excel. Yet, Excelis used to create most of the charts, graphs, and reports I use for project reporting, particularly around costs and time.
Bridge24 can do it all! A suite of interactive reports is available, including:
Pie charts
Doughnut charts (the roundones that look a lot like pie charts)
Polar charts
Horizontal and verticalbar charts.
What can I use to create these graphs, you may ask? You can chart any variable. You can chart work by assignee, status, section and tasks created or completed by dates. You can also chart tasks overdue or due soon. There are plenty of options to satisfy even a most data-hungry project sponsor. I like the ability to graph by tag. You can tag anything you want and then hang a chart there. This allows you to create truly unique charts.
The legend is dynamic and each chart has parameters that can toggle on and off. This makes it easy to quickly see what you need.
Chart stacking is another feature that Bridge24 offers. It’s something I find difficult to do in Excel. You can have two variables in one chart.
The graphs are interactive so you can click on a segment to see the underlying data. It’s great for when someone asks, “What does this relate to again?” or you create the chart a month ago but can’t recall.
You can also share the graph