Cisco Meraki Enterprise vs Advanced

Table of Contents
What is Cisco Meraki?
What is the Cisco Meraki Enterprise License?
Cisco Meraki Enterprise: Benefits
What is the Cisco Meraki Advanced License?
Enterprise or Advanced?

What is Cisco Meraki?
Cisco Meraki, a cloud-controlled IT networking company, provides security, cloud Wi-Fi, router solutions, and other services. It offers products and services like intelligent security cameras, wireless networking, switching, security, and mobile device management. There are two types of licenses available: Enterprise and Advanced.
Meraki’s products are preferred by businesses because:
They allow you remote access to all devices and control them.

Meraki can be deployed and accessed in minutes by simply plugging the devices in

They are simple to use and offer a great user experience

You can protect your digital and physical assets

Remote control for troubleshooting and monitoring creates an innovative, empowered workspace

What is the Cisco Meraki Enterprise License?
Cisco Meraki Enterprise licenses are the most basic option that you can add to security firewall. It includes all the features you need for next-generation firewall devices. Here are some features of the Cisco Enterprise License:
Stateful firewall

MPLS to VPN failover

HTTP content caching

VLAN to VLAN routing

Link bonding

Traffic shaping

Group policies

Site-to-site VPN

Client VPN

Splash pages

Configuration templates

Client connectivity alert


3G/4G failover

Cisco Meraki Enterprise: Benefits
Scalable: It can scale up to thousands of Access Points (APs). ?

Security: Network security is a major concern, especially when the system grows continuously. The Enterprise license includes regular security and firmware updates to ensure your network is safe and secure. ?

Visibility and control: Enterprise licenses provide network-wide visibility on all Meraki hardware devices. It’s as simple as visiting a website to control them.

Management tools: This license gives you powerful multi-site management tools to manage your network.

Central cloud-based management. You don’t need to physically manage the network’s components. You can manage all devices from one place.

Dashboard control: Manage everything from one dashboard. This makes it easy to use and eliminates the need to train someone.

Accessibility: The dashboard is accessible via the internet.

What is the Cisco Meraki Advanced License?
Cisco Meraki Advanced licenses offer more security features, such as advanced malware protection or antivirus. This is the ultimate security package to protect all your Meraki devices. It offers unprecedented security against cyber-attacks, malware, and other threats to your network.
Cisco Meraki Advanced License Features
The Advanced license Bundle includes all the Enterprise edition features, plus a few additional features and enhancements that will enhance your organization’s network.
Intrusion detection and prevention are two of the most important features of the service. The firewall prevents unauthorized attempts to log in by continuously scanning for intrusion attempts.

Antivirus and antiphishing: Cisco Talos is an anti-phishing research team that continually finds and analyzes improved cyber-attacks. This is done based on the different intrusion attempts made by all its connected users. It can thus continuously improve its malware protection and threat blocking abilities.

Content filtering: This allows you to block websites that don’t follow your company’s policies or may pose potential threats.

Geography-based firewall rules: You can prevent traffic from or to any country by selecting it from a drop-down list. This feature is most commonly used by large organizations.

YouTube for Schools: This allows students to view educational videos, but it restricts their access to other content.

Web search filtering: This activates safe search for all connected users in the network.

Advanced Malware Protection (AMP), also known as Continuous Monitoring for Malicious Behavior, Malware detection and removal, and breach prevention, AMP has many features. It is an upgrade to the Enterprise edition and acts as an additional layer of security.

Do I need to be trained to use Cisco Meraki?
Although Cisco Meraki is simple to use, certifications or training courses will help you realize the full benefits and become a specialist in Meraki solutions.
Cisco Meraki Solutions Specialist certification certifies your ability to manage, design, and implement Meraki solutions. These skills include everything from dashboard analysis to integration, deployment, cloud managem and cloud management.