Cisco Next Level Certifications – Learn Major Changes, Opportunities

Cisco Certifications are one the most valuable and prestigious certifications in IT. The new Cisco Training Certification will allow you to gain in-depth knowledge about technical networking and become an industry leader. Cisco Certifications are a way to prove your IT skills to hiring managers. Cisco Certifications will help you stand out from the crowd by demonstrating your networking skills and expertise.
Cisco certifications can be obtained in five tracks. Each track covers a significant portion of the networking engineering expertise. CCNP, CCNA and CCIE certifications have also been modified. Cisco also offers a new pathway for Specialist certifications. It’s located between the CCNP Certifications and CCNA Certifications.
They offer several new training courses that can be continued for several months. IT professionals will be able to earn badges by completing high-profile certifications such as Cisco Security certifications. Attending the Cisco CCNA and CCENT exams is highly recommended. This will allow you to develop skills necessary for entry-level positions in the network industry. It will also allow you to progress in the more advanced security and networking roles.
Learn about Major Changes and Opportunities
There have been many changes in Cisco Next Level Certifications. These are the changes:
Software and network lessons together
DevNet offers a new path to certification for software developers
Specialist certification: A new level of certification
CCNA is the only one
CCNP in Two Steps
CCIE Lab Changing
Enterprise Infrastructure will replace Routing and Switching Path.
CCIE: Two Steps
CCNP is easier than CCIE.
Network Technicians with two options
Prerequisites Not Available Anymore
Certifications are now valid for a greater number of years
Certification at a lower cost
CCIE Emeritus – Lifetime
Recertification Credits
Software and network lessons together
The new Cisco Certification combines software and network lessons in certain exams and training. The new CCNA will include 20% programming lessons and 80% network lessons. It will teach you the basics of software development and networking.
DevNet: A new path to certification for software developers
DevNet certification has a new track that includes both network professionals and software developers. It creates a community for future IT teams and helps them to grow. It serves as a support mission to Cisco for intent networking. They align their business goals to achieve networking success. Cisco, a leader in the IT industry, announced its new certification. It covers all these areas.
Cisco claims that the DevNet certification program validates DevOps engineers and software developers, as well as other professionals who can handle multiple technologies, and provide creative solutions from a programming perspective. It helps shape the workforce for the next generation of businesses that use Cisco technologies.
These are the levels of theCiscoDevNet Trainingand Certification program.
Cisco Certified DevNet Professional
Cisco Certified DevNet Associate
Cisco Certified DevNet Specialist
Cisco Certified DevNet Expert (For Future)
The DevNet Certification Expert level is not yet available. It will be in the Cisco Certified Cisco DevNet in due time.
Specialist is a new level of certification
You are familiar with the “Specialist” level in Juniper Certifications. You can obtain a JNCIS certification in all specialties of the Juniper Certification Track. Cisco has also changed the path of its certification program and now offers a “Specialist Level” between Associate and Professional Levels.
After passing the CCNA Certification exam, you will need to choose a specialty from the list below:
Data Center
Service Provider
You will need to take the required courses depending on your specialty and pass the exams. After passing the core exam in one of the above areas, your specialty will be recognized. If you pass the concentration exams in the same area, you will become a Professional. Lastly, if the lab exams are passed for the same track, you will become an Expert, CCIE.
CCNA is the only one.
There are many CCNAs that specialize in different areas. There are many CCNAs for different specialties, including the common CCNA (CCNA Routing and Switching), CCNA Collaboration and CCNA Datacenter. The Cisco Next Level Certification Program will combine the contents of CCNA and make them available in one exam. With one exam, you can reach the associate level.
The new content of CCNA will cover basics of IP services, connectivity, automation, security fundamentals and programmability. After the course is completed, you will be awarded the newCCNA certification and a training badge that corresponds to the technology area in which you are certified.