Cisco’s Value Exchange Program is for your CLCs

Continuous learning is an important aspect of continuous growth. To improve your team’s productivity, you need to address their learning needs. Cisco is a major vendor of IT network equipment. They offer certification to demonstrate the skills and knowledge required to use network equipment. Cisco offers a learning credit program called Cisco Learning Credits (CLCs), which allows learners to enroll in training courses. Cisco’s Value Exchange Program makes use of CLCs to address the learning and training needs of professionals and organizations. Cisco recently made some changes in its Value Exchange program to improve the learning experience and make it more flexible. This blog highlights major changes to the Cisco Value exchange program.
What are Cisco Learning Credits?
Cisco Learning Credits (CLCs), prepaid virtual training credits, can be used to redeem, purchase, and manage Cisco-authorized training courses. CLCs allow you to meet your Cisco training needs by optimizing your investments in new hardware, software and support services. Each CLC is $100 in value and valid for one year after activation.
What are the latest updates to the Cisco Value Exchange offer
Cisco’s Learning Credit Program was created more than a decade ago to allow business leaders to choose what, when and where training is needed to accelerate their goals. Digitalization has made learning and training significantly easier, as have many other aspects of modern life. Cisco determined that the current Learning Credit program was not consistent with industry best practices and compliance standards. It does not meet the company’s increasing expectations and goals.
Cisco has decided to stop reimbursing Learning Partners with Cisco Learning Credits. NetCom Learning, an official training partner of Cisco, is working to provide the best value for CLCs.
Here are some important updates to the Cisco Value Exchange Program.
Cisco has published CLC-eligible courses through its Cisco Learning Locator, and NetCom Learning is delivering some courses.

You can opt for open enrollment value exchange classes eligible for CLCs for standard courses

You can now book labs, kits, and all operational details for training sessions.

Registering for training sessions and redeeming CLCs allows you to be more transparent and flexible.

You can continue to purchase Cisco training from NetCom Learning

You can continue to earn CLCs through our training courses and redeem them with Cisco.

NetCom Learning helps companies redeem Cisco Learning Credits (CLCs). It also trains the workforce in the latest certifications and courses. Your team’s skills can be improved by using the CLCs. This is possible through authorized Cisco training that is available for both private and public sessions. Our training courses are up-to-date with the latest Cisco curriculum and focus on major technology areas like networking, enterprise, security, collaboration and service provider.
Why choose NetCom Learning for Cisco Training
NetCom Learning is an authorized Cisco training partner. We offer the most comprehensive training courses to prepare for Cisco certifications and exams. Our instructors are highly qualified and will assist your team in any way they can while preparing for certifications.
Cisco Learning Credits: We are an authorized Cisco Learning Partner and can help businesses redeem Cisco Learning Credits directly with Cisco.

Cisco Ultimate Learning Subscriptions – Close skill gaps in Cisco technology areas, such as Networking, Security, Data Center, Collaboration, DevNet, and Collaboration with Cisco Ultimate Learning Subscription.

Flexible Learning Options: We offer flexible learning options that allow you to learn at your own pace.

Cisco Certified Instructors: All classes are taught by Cisco-certified instructors, who offer flexible, role-based, and customized training for all learners.

We offer custom training solutions that are tailored to your needs and requirements.

NetCom365: The NetCom365 portal gives you a 360-degree view of your team’s learning data. This portal gives you the ability to analyze data to help align your organization’s training goals and skill development.

Cisco Learning Credits (CLCs), pre-paid training vouchers, can be used directly with Cisco to help you plan your success when purchasing Cisco products and services. CLCs will give you the tools you need to maximize the success of your Cisco solutions, no matter if you’re training an individual or a group. But, you must choose the official training.