Demo vs Proof of Concept (2022)

Are you confused about what a demonstration is and what a proof-of-concept is? Both involve a presentation about a product or service. However, they are different. Learn the differences between these presentations.
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What is a Demo?
A product demo (or product demonstration) is a sales pitch that aims to give as much information to potential clients as possible in one meeting. A demo is when a software development company wants to give a brief overview of its product’s features in a brief session. Sometimes, the company presenting the demo can use information from potential customers to prepare for a second, more detailed presentation to give interested parties a better understanding of the product’s capabilities.
What is a Proof of Concept?
After a demo, a proof of concept (POC), effort would be the next. A proof of concept (POC) is a working solution that both parties have agreed to. A POC is an operational production system that is typically limited to a particular department or section. A POC is a demonstration of the selling company’s ability in a specific functional area.
What is the difference between a Demo and a POC, and how can you tell?
A demo shows how the product works. A POC shows the customer how it works for them. This is the simplest way to explain the difference. Demonstrations show how a product or service works at a high level during an event or meeting. Demos are not legally binding contracts between the seller and buyer.
After an agreement has been reached between the parties, a proof-of-concept is initiated. Usually, the buyer offers a contract and a financial incentive within a short time frame. The POC allows the seller to show the buyer how the product would perform in a “real-world” scenario. To develop the concept, the vendor creates a POC team with input from all stakeholders. To demonstrate how the product would work in a particular area, the buyer provides data or other materials. A POC is a set of questions taken from a checklist or questionnaire that are used to determine if the product can perform the work required.
A demo is often the first step between buyer and seller. However, a seller might pitch a new product or service to buyers with a POC. This is usually when the pitching vendor has worked with the buyer in the past or when they are familiar with the buyer’s industry.
Demo vs. Proof of Concept
DemoPOCGeneral presentation that highlights the goods and services of a vendor. Requires no commitments by seller or buyer. May lead to a contract. Lasts 30 to 60 days. This may lead to a longer contract between the parties.
It’s easy to get confused about demo vs. proof of concept. The differences between demo and proof of concept are stark. A demo is a demonstration of the product or services being sold. A POC is an agreement between the sellers to dive deeper into the products or services’ performance in a particular use case.
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