Eight of the best AWS cloud-migration tools and services

Cloud migration tools can be a huge help, whether you’re migrating to the cloud from an on-premises system or if you’re looking to migrate from your current cloud service provider (AWS) to the cloud.
Cloud is the new normal. If you want your business to grow, be cost-effective, and have a simplified structure, going online is the best option.
It’s not as simple as just dragging and dropping your data and processes onto a cloud platform. There is help.
Your transition to the cloud will be much easier if you have the right tools. These are just a few tools and services AWS offers to help get you started on their platform quickly.

AWS Application Discovery ServiceThe first step to migrating your business workloads into the cloud is to look at what you have.
Migrating to cloud computing is similar to moving house. You don’t want spend your time or money moving things you don’t need or want to to a new location. Before you pack up and move, go through your home room-by-room, assessing its usefulness, value, and whether it will be needed in your new home.
The cloud migration is also a great opportunity for you to review your processes and tech stack. AWS Application Discovery Service allows you to “Marie Kondo” your resources on-premises, so that you only migrate the stuff you actually use.
Enterprise users can plan their migration project better by using AWS Application Discovery Service. This service gives them a complete view of their data centers on-premises before they start to move.
The service collects data about your servers on-premise, including configurations, usage, performance, to give users an accurate and thorough overview of their current setup.
These data can be used to feed into AWS Migration Hub or to calculate Total Cost Of Ownership for migrating to these servers on AWS.
The AWS Application Discovery Service can be used for free; you only have to pay for AWS resources (like Amazon S3, Amazon Athena or Kinesis Data Fireplace) that are used to store or manage data.

AWS Migration Acceleration Programme (MAP)A strategy, not a tool, AWS’s Migration Acceleration program is a method AWS developed to help customers execute their migration with maximum efficiency and minimal hassle.
This program is designed for large businesses that have ambitious migration plans. It provides resources and a proven migration method to help them reach cloud utopia faster. To help implement that method, participants are paired with pre-approved partners.
The MAP practice can be divided into three phases. It starts with an evaluation of the organization’s baseline capabilities and ends with a systematized readiness effort to build on these capabilities. Finally, it ends with support to perform the migration.
The first stage, also known as the Migration Readiness Assessment phase uses the AWS Cloud Adoption Framework in order to assess an organization’s ability to migrate across key areas.
Landing zone
Operating model
Security and compliance
Experience with migration
Excellence and skills
Plan for migration
Business plan

This evaluation helps organizations identify any gaps in their migration plans and highlights priorities that will guide the next phase of the overall strategy. This assessment is usually done during a full-day workshop where all stakeholders of the organization meet with representatives from AWS or a certified MAP Partner.
Next, the organization will work with their migration partner to develop a solid migration plan that allows them to move their workloads at scale.
The migration partner will assist stakeholders in calculating total cost of ownership and potential ROI at this stage.