GK As cybersecurity threats continue to be a top concern facing organizations today, the Information Technology (IT) Governance team must stay abreast in assuring that the organization is protected. IT Governance must continuously assess the risks and implement processes, procedures, and technologies to protect the organization’s assets.


Baba Daio- Global Knowledge Instructor There has been a shift within the IT landscape in recent years regarding how technology is used to run businesses. Organizations are connecting Operational Technology Systems (OT) that are involved with the direct production of goods and services (which were previously isolated) to the network. These OT Systems are often critical infrastructure. However, they are often vulnerable to malicious actors and difficult to patch. Cyber attacks on these systems could have a devastating impact on the supply chain of products or services. This Webinar will discuss how OT Networks transform Enterprise Networks. It will also discuss the challenges and solutions to OT Network security.