Here are 4 tips to get video interviews.

Interviews for job are always stressful. The job interview landscape has changed dramatically since the introduction of COVID-19. No more meeting in an office. There are some simple video interview tips you can use to impress your future employer and put your best foot forward. Coding Dojo is a leader in helping students find great jobs after graduation. Even if you aren’t our student, we want you to succeed. We are all in this Coronavirus madness together! These are our “new normal” video interview tips that will help you nail your next big moment.
The Typical Rules of Engagement Still Apply
The same rules apply for physical interviews, even though the interviews are digital. This means that you must dress professionally, keep your appearance neat, and be focused on the interview. Interviews at home can be more difficult. Tell your family and friends not to enter the room, and temporarily relocate any pets.
Perfect Your Setup
Now it’s time for you to put your setup together. It’s all about the details. If you don’t have a solid background, such as a painted wall, make sure to tidy your room. No interviewer wants to see your dirty clothes or unmade beds. It will not only look unprofessional but it can also distract the interviewer. After your room is ready for use, you need to pay attention to the lighting. Although it may seem difficult to find the right balance for video conferencing, it is essential. Too much light can make you feel like you are living in a cave. You don’t want to have too much lighting, which could wash your face. Avoid sitting near direct back-lighting, such as a window behind you. It will allow too much light in. If natural lighting is not available, place two lamps diagonally in front of your face, one to your right, and one to the left.
Practice makes perfect
As with everything in life, the more you practice video interviews, the better you will do in real ones. Video interviews can be difficult because of technical issues. You should test any gear, such as webcams or video conferencing software. You can practice your interview while you test the gear you will use for the interview. To test in a relaxed environment, set up a time with a friend or family member to do mock interviews. Another thing to remember is the time you have for your video interview. This is not an issue for in-person interviews. However, it can be a problem when working remotely. Double-check the time zone of your interview and adjust your reminders and calendar invites accordingly. If you are unsure of the time zone your interviewer is in, be sure to ask before you go.
Master the Digital Aspects
Now it’s time to get into the unique aspects and challenges of video interviews. Make sure you have headphones or earbuds for sound so you can hear what is being said. Pick the best webcam for your video – an external webcam will often be better than the one that comes with your laptop. During interview, look at your webcam rather than your interviewer. This can be difficult at first but it becomes easier as you practice. This will allow you to keep your eyes on your interviewer, which is a good practice. It will also prevent them from thinking that you are staring off into space. To do this, resize the video conferencing window and move it so that it is near your webcam. You can also create a cheatsheet with the highlights you want to highlight or other points of interest that you don’t want forgotten. These video interview tips can be used as a sticky note, a notepad, or any other discrete method. Coding Dojo bootcamp is a program that will transform your life and help you reskill to find a better job. Part-time and full time online courses are available. We also offer onsite programs (once it is safe to do so). We offer financial assistance programs, scholarships, and financing options to help you overcome financial obstacles. There is no better time to invest in your future and yourself than now! Click this link to schedule a 15 minute exploratory session with one our Admissions representatives.