How to Determine When You Study Best

You’ve made the decision to pursue an IT certification. The first thing you need to do is decide when you prefer to study. This simple, but crucial step will help you create a study plan that takes into consideration your personal preferences and maximizes your time.
You can try different times of the day to find out if you are a night owl or an early bird. You will be able to stick to your study plan more effectively if you know what time you study best.
Let’s find out if you’re an early or late bird and what the benefits are for obtaining an IT certification.
How to tell if you’re a Morning Lark
Benjamin Franklin famously stated, “Early rise and early sleep makes a man wealthy, healthy, and wise.” This statement is likely to resonate with you if you are a morning lark. You might wake up excited about the day ahead, even before sunrise.
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Start trainingPeople who are morning birds often find the quiet of the morning relaxing and allowing them to do their work before moving on to the next day. There are many benefits to being an early bird. Inc. says that early birds are more conscientious, cooperative and persistent. They also tend not to procrastinate as much. Being an early bird has many benefits.
Increased alertness. It’s a great idea to study early in order to take advantage of the fact we are most alert after a good night’s sleep. Our brains use the sun’s natural sunlight to signal our time to wake up. The brain’s suprachiasmatic nuclear nucleus, or SCN, controls the circadian rhythm. To promote wakefulness, sunlight travels through your eye to the SCN. The SCN regulates body temperature, hormones, as well as other functions that make us feel awake or asleep. A more alert mind will make it easier to learn, remember, and study.
Get your studies done. Do not make studying for your exam a chore. This will allow you to move on to more rewarding tasks without having to study. Or worse, you could stop studying.
Encourages a normal sleeping schedule. It doesn’t interfere with your sleep schedule if you study early in the morning or first thing in the afternoon. Studying earlier in the morning can be helpful if you have a hectic schedule or need to sleep well. You won’t have to burn the midnight oil trying to achieve your exam objectives.
How to tell if you’re a night owl
Do you find that you are most productive and can focus better in the evenings? Do you find that evenings are when your best work is done? If you answered yes, then you are probably a night owl.
Business Insider reports that night owls are more intelligent and creative than people who wake up early. There are definitely benefits to being a night-owl.
More peace and quiet. Because they are free of distractions and interruptions, many people prefer to study late at night. Research shows that interruptions and distractions can cause memory loss. Because night owls are more likely to study in a quiet environment at night, they may have a better memory retention rate.
More flexibility. There are many demands on students who prepare for IT certification exams. It can be difficult to find time to study for the exam. People who work a full-time job might not have the time to devote their mornings to exam prep. Late-night study allows them more flexibility.
Higher potential for creative solutions Late-night studying may be beneficial for you if you are a more creative thinker. It allows you to review concepts and synthesize information in a more uninterrupted manner. It may be possible to study later hours, but this is not a typical aspect of a non-degree program.