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Mark Simos, Chief Security Advisor at Microsoft, and a great friend of mys, recently shared a very helpful resource list that I want to re-share with you.
Here is the Mark Simos Resource Listing
Recent Updates
Table of Contents

Incident Response and Recovery
Cybersecurity for Business Leaders
Mitigating Ransomware Attacks and Rapid Cyberattacks (Petya/WannaCrypt, etc.
Microsoft, NIST and CIS have created a Roadmap of recommendations to help protect against these attacks (for 30 days, 90 days and beyond), which was then referred to as US-CERT.
Microsoft Security Guidance
Cybersecurity Reference Architectures
Security Operations [Center]
Zero Trust Resources
Enterprise Patch Management
Passwords and Identity
Microsoft Azure
Azure Sentinel
Microsoft’s Cloud Native SIEM/SOAR capability
Office 365 Security
Application/Development Security
Secure DevOps Toolkit for Azure is the set documentation and scripts that Microsoft IT used to secure Azure’s DevOps process.
Secure Private Access
Recommendations for securing privileged acces
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