My Work in a New Look!

ActiveCollab is a new app that allows you to view your tasks, your time records, as well as your activity. It’s called “My Work”. It can be used to organize your day and give you a complete overview of what you have done and what you need to do. ActiveCollab users who have been using it for years or months will be happy to hear that we have a new look for the “My Work” page. Here’s a quick overview: Grouping your tasks according to their due dates
Expand and collapse projects and task groups
A brand new button “Add”
My Work Availability Records
My Work for Client+ Roles
A refurbished look
Sort by due date
“At long last!” – you might say. We know! We have finally made your most desired feature request a reality. You can now sort your tasks by project or due date. You’ll see all your overdue assignments at the top. Next, you’ll see those that require your attention today, tomorrow, and everything else following the current week (“Upcoming”) All tasks that you have been given but not due by the due date will be at the bottom. You can still sort your tasks by project. You can switch between the views at any time, and as many times as necessary. Let us know how it goes! Collapse and expand task groups
We like to keep things simple. We know that you don’t have to see all the work in front of you all the time. We’ve made it easy to collapsible the lists! You can hide what isn’t important at the moment and only focus on one thing at once. You can also rearrange your project lists as you wish! A brand new “Add” button
This button is the first to appear in our app. You can add: a new task (automatically assigned)
Your new time record
Your new availability record
You can also add last night’s work hours to your My Work page. Simply search for the task or project you forgot to log and you are done! You can always find availability records.
All your information in one place Your tasks, activity, time records, availability. If you want to take a day off, there is no need to go to the People page. All of it is in My Work right now! It works exactly the same way as before. Book a vacation, take a sick day, or a day off. You can choose to take a sick day, day off, or book a vacation using the date picker in each task. Client+ get My Work
You can invite unlimited Clients to your projects, but you don’t need to be familiar with the roles they can assign to team members or clients. Client+ roles are slightly different. They can create and complete tasks, just like their Client counterparts. You could assign them a task like “Review and Comment Design Changes” to Client+. They can also view all tasks in My Work just like Owners and Members. They can also view all of their activity in ActiveCollab. A refurbished look!
You can tab more, but scroll less! It’s not only easier, but also faster. We keep track of your tabs. You can go back to My Work from wherever you left it. Have any ideas? We’d love to hear from you on Twitter, or contact our Support Team. We hope these updates will help you organize your day better. It’s important to work, but it is even more important that you balance your life and work. Make a to-do list and then enjoy the rest of your day.