New Training: Cisco VPN

This intermediate training video, which contains 69 videos, is by SPOTO trainer Keith Barker. It covers the knowledge network administrators need in order to configure, maintain, and troubleshoot Cisco VPNs. This allows them to extend their corporate network via encrypted connections over the Internet.
This Cisco VPN training video is available.
VPN-optional companies are becoming more rare. Network administrators who don’t understand virtual private networks or aren’t familiar with them are also becoming less common. This Cisco Virtual Private Network training will help you learn the technology and keep your career on track.
These are the eight skills that make up this training:
Learn how to become a security expert with SPOTO’s Cybersecurity Training
Start trainingComponents in Cryptography
IPsec Fundamentals
Cisco Router Site-To-Site VPNs
Cisco Point-To-Point GRE over IPsec VPNs
Cisco FlexVPN
Cisco Remote Access VPNs

The series consists of eight parts. It covers topics like:
GET VPN Summary
IPsec Tunnel Protection Design
Configuring an IKE Phase 2 Policy (IPsec).
Adding IPsec Protection Profiles
Crypto Map IPsec

This training includes:
Training for 5 hours
69 videos

You can watch a video from the series here:

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