New Training: Configure Visual Studio code for PowerShell Development

SPOTO trainer Trevor Sullivan demonstrates how to set up Visual Studio Code for PowerShell development in this 10-video DevOps training.
This is the new Visual Studio training.
Microsoft Visual Studio Code (VSCode), an extensible, open source, cross-platform Integrated Development Environment, (IDE), is Microsoft Visual Studio Code. Microsoft is investing a lot of time and effort in VSCode to make it the best IDE for developers who use almost any programming language.
Microsoft has a separate team that is working to develop and enhance VSCode’s PowerShell extension. This extension supports PowerShell in VSCode with features such as Intellisense and interactive debugging. Pester unit testing is also included.
If you are still using PowerShell Integrated Scripting Editors (ISE) or another text editor, it is worth switching to VSCode. ISE has some limitations that VSCode does not.
Limited extensibility
Only runs on Windows
No support for project administration
No support for file types except PowerShell code (Markdown, CSV, JSON, et al.)
High-DPI displays don’t scale well for user interface
Pester unit testing framework integration not possible
Does not natively support source management (ie. git, mercurial)
Limited keyboard navigation, no central command palette

Using VSCode to create your PowerShell project will allow you to integrate all your components into a manageable project. You will be more productive if you spend time learning keyboard shortcuts and how you can customize the VSCode environment.
This training includes:
10 videos
1 hour of training

You can watch a video from the series here:

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