Red Hat OpenShift and OpenShift are quickly becoming the standard for agile development and application deployment. Administrators and developers are looking for ways to reduce the time to market and improve maintainability. Red Hat Training has created a course that explains the potential of DevOps with a container-based architecture. Kubernetes and Red Hat OpenShift can be used to orchestrate a container-based infrastructure. This improves application reliability, scalability, reduces developer overhead, facilitates continuous integration, and allows for continuous deployment. Slide deck>

John Walter

John Walter is a Red Hat(r), Training and Certification team solutions architect specializing on cloud and DevOps technologies. Red Hat Certified Architect, he has a deep understanding of Red Hat Enterprise Linux (r), Ansible Automation (r) and OpenShift Container platform(r). Our expert will present: An overview of container architecture and OpenShift image management. Deploying containerized applications using Red Hat OpenShift. A description of Red Hat Training’s OpenShift training offerings. (DO180).