Salesforce and AWS Integrate Their IoT Platforms

Amazon Web Services (AWS IoT Platform) users can now access data to provide field technicians and customer service reps with more actionable insights into the device data.
This week’s announcement reveals the integration of the AWS IoT Platform’s Rules Engine. This engine interprets data from cloud-connected devices, and then uses pre-configured rules to funnel that data to the next device or service.
AWS announced Monday that it added a new action in its Rules Engine to allow developers to send data directly into the Salesforce IoT cloud.
AWS stated that Salesforce IoT Cloud and AWS IoT Cloud allow you to combine customer data from Salesforce with messages coming from your devices and create new insights within Salesforce. “For example, an AWS IoT-connected Product reports a critical failure. Salesforce Service Cloud creates a customer case which instructs a technician on-site to repair the product.”
AWS demonstrated this integration at the re:Invent conference last fall (you can view the video here), using an example of Internet-connected solar panel. Salesforce integration was demonstrated to enable field service agents to quickly repair damaged solar panels that were connected to the AWS IoT Platform.
AWS has a blog post that explains how to enable Salesforce integration.