Short: Controlling Client Expectations (The Dean Schuster template) – The Digital project Manager

“If you don’t set expectations, you can’t hope to control them.”
Dean and his truematter team have mastered the art of managing clients over the years. Controlling expectations is one way they do it. Dean will walk us through their weekly status reports that they share with clients. We’ll also learn how they use them to manage expectations throughout the project.
First, your status must always do these things:
Set parameters. Set the parameters.
Provoke discussion. Let’s have a discussion about everything early and often
Enable project control. Your clients will feel calm and collected with a clear mind.
Drive account growth. You are building trust and keeping them cool. They will love you.
How can we achieve these four things?
A Quick and Visual Status: Red, Yellow, Green. Need a client’s attention/decision/action? Conversation is sparked by a color other than green.

Bring up money. What is your budget?
Progress and Accomplishments What milestones have you reached? What work is ongoing and making progress?
Challenges & Changes. Here are the opportunities for further discussion and changes.
Next steps Next steps, the most important decision to make.
This template can be used. Get The Dean Schuster Status Report template right here. Want more advice from Dean? You can view the entire session here. Click here for more DPM Shorts and tips and tricks.