Short: The Digital Project Manager – Controlling the Narrative With Your Client

“A project is a story… you are the author. I hope you are in control of your story. ”
Dean and his truematter team have mastered the art of managing clients over the years. Controlling the narrative is one way they do this. You must take the best notes, communicate effectively, and favor your tools to do this.
How to Take the Best notes
Designate a notetaker. This person should not be the main speaker. Focusing on the notes is important.
Arrange according to topic. Do not arrange chronologically, conversations can be messy. You can create sections and jump between them as the conversation demands.
Merge multiple perspectives. Take notes from multiple people to merge perspectives.
Finalize immediately. Take it apart, combine it, and place it in the project area as soon as possible.
Mind your audience. Write your notes as if a client would one day read them.
Publish to a central location. Organize all your notes in one place and give them a good name.
Include a summary. The more concise, the better. Writing concisely is an art form.
Follow the Lightning Strike Rule. Would you be able to locate all project documents easily if you walked out of the door and were struck by lightning?
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