Tomorrow is already! EMC Will Update E20-597 EWER Specialist Exam for Storage Administrators

You may have asked yourself this question many times: Why do companies always update their exams? Today, we are able to lay all the cards on our table.
It is no secret that technology and the market change at lightning speed. This means that professionals must be informed, up-to-date and knowledgeable about the latest developments in technology.
It is important to keep your certifications and exams current. This proves that you know what you are doing and is relevant in the market. This means you are able to fix, deploy, and manage any changes that have occurred.
EMC is looking for professionals who are up-to-date. EMC regularly updates its exams and certifications. This was the time that the company decided to make some changes to its education program.
Tomorrow, April 28, 2017, the E20-597 exam supporting Storage Administrator NetWorker Specialist level certification is updated.
This exam qualifies you for the Storage Administrators NetWorker Specialist track. This certification validates an individual’s knowledge and understanding of Dell EMC NetWorker, as well as common backup and recovery concepts.
The E20-597 exam tests candidates’ knowledge to manage, configure, monitor, and maintain Dell EMC NetWorker backup systems.
What will the update look like?
This update will include:
NetWorker 9.1 features and functionalities
Expansion of topics related to:
NetWorker is used to back up the cloud
NetWorker deployment in a public cloud environment
What will this update mean for you?
You have completed the NetWorker Specialist course prior to April 17, 2017, and now you plan to take E20-597 exam. –> Take the exam prior to April 28, 2017.
This course, taken prior to April 17, 2017, will not be accepted for the updated exam as of March 28, 2017.
As the proverb goes, a rolling stone doesn’t gather moss. Don’t ever stop learning and never miss an opportunity to expand your knowledge.