Webinar: How to Manage Multiple Projects

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This webinar will discuss strategies and tips for managing multiple projects. A transcript is available below the video if you prefer to read.
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0:03Hello everyone, can you hear me? Okay? Can you see me? Elizabeth, I’m doing the webinar today. I know you have five minutes before I kick off so I will leave. Shannon and I said that we were not switching at all but I thought it would be a good idea to switch early to ensure that you can see me and Shannon. It’s always a worry when you use technology that you haven’t had the chance to see for a while. Is it going to work? Can you see me Can you hear me? It’s working, which is amazing. So, I can see that we have some people on board already. Where are you from? Minneapolis. Terry from Minneapolis. Hello. Anna, that’s an Emma recognize Marie Marie Hi Marie vicious vehicle. I hope that I was correct. We are glad you made the time to join us for the webinar. Tony has arrived in Boulder Fort Wayne. Oh my goodness, and oh hi EULA Buckinghamshire, that’s a bit closer to home. Sunny Scotland. That’s Melissa. My inlaws also went to Loch Ness last week over Easter. They brought back a little china Lochness ornament and some photos of Scotland. It was absolutely beautiful and the sun was shining brightly. For those who don’t know, what do we think of Scotland? It rains all the time there, we think. People down south in England have this expectation that it rains in Scotland all the time. They had beautiful, clear weather, so they went to Loch Ness. My children were excited to see the Loch Ness Monster. They didn’t realize they were fake, but I doubt they did. It looks beautiful. If the weather is good, then I thought it was a great idea to take the family on a trip to this area. It looks so beautiful. You know, I didn’t see anyone else. Fort Wayne? Dallas, Texas. It’s been quite some time since I was in Dallas, Phoenix, Arizona. I have been to Arizona but I don’t believe I made it to Phoenix. Dallas, I attended a conference in Dallas. Fort Worth is probably not what you associate with true Dallas. Maybe that was because it was a conference on digital project management. Natasha, from Orlando. It makes me sound really well-traveled. PMI also had a conference held in Orlando one year ago. So I went to the PMI global Congress in Orlando, which was the North America Congress. It makes me sound like someone who has been everywhere in the world. It’s not the major conference cities where PMI holds events. And I’m happy to be I have never been to Cleveland, Ohio or Michigan. Adrienne has never been anywhere near you. Me I’m located about an hour south London, UK. Today is a good day. It’s been a little rainy, a bit sunny, and has a nice cooler temperature over the East holidays. Brits love to talk about weather. It is therefore our favorite topic for small talk. It’s around seven in the evening. We are starting to see lighter evenings since we have switched to British summertime. It’s nice. It’s so much better. It’s nice to