Worldwide Communities – SME 2019 from Microsoft

Worldwide Communities Microsoft
As you all know, I love being part of the communities. I try to teach my children that sharing is caring and I live by this motto.
Before I joined Microsoft as a Full-Time Employee, there was a community I was part of called Better Together in Australia. It was one the largest User Groups in Asia Pacific Region. This helped me to win the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional award (MVP) for many years.
As last year, Microsoft has given me the SME 2019 Community Badge for my contributions to our internal communities. I am proud to receive this award the second time in succession. Thank you Microsoft
About the Award
This badge is awarded to community subject matter experts (SME) who have been identified by Microsoft Worldwide Communities. Earners in this position have shown a willingness and ability to share their knowledge with others by answering questions, presenting at calls and events, creating resources for the community and/or mentoring. These earners possess the knowledge and dedication required to excel at Microsoft.
Earning Criteria
Demonstrated Skills
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